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In today’s article, I will present how you can use LendItems as management software for the library. I think that our software is a perfect solution allowing to manage the school library easily and efficiently.

Managing the school library, due to its nature, is always a challenge. The library is a very dynamic environment where inventory is used, lent and borrowed by many users: students, teachers, assistants, and non-teaching school staff. The library items also come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes need to be grouped into smaller categories.

A typical school may have a library with books, disks, games, maps, videos and other materials. Some school and college libraries also lend laboratory equipment, computers, notebooks, projectors, musical instruments microscopes, and so on.

A good school library inventory management system should be flexible enough to accommodate these different item categories. This will provide a logical structure to this small universe of items and allow us to locate them faster.

Meet LendItems

For over the last 10 years we have been providing software solutions for schools, colleges, universities, libraries and other institutions. Our application LendItems is used by thousands of users across the globe and tracks over 1 million items.

But the truth is that our software has not been designed for the education sector only. Due to our universal approach and LendItem’s flexibility, it can be and is currently used in many industries and sectors.

At the moment LendItems helps to track cars, bikes, tools, furniture, lab and sports equipment and even guns and firearms. But flexibility is not the only strong point of our software. Read about other key features and assets and why you should try LendItems out.

Other benefits of our management software for library

Please find below a list of LendItem’s other benefits and features

  • Flexible lending times. When creating a new item category, you can set a default borrowing time in days and hours. But it is also possible to override this setting for high-demand items. By doing so, more items can reach more users and the resources are used more efficiently.
  • ISBN lookup function. If your school and college have books, adding them to the software is easy to use. All you have to do is to scan its barcode with a barcode scanner, and all relevant data and also the book cover will be obtained automatically from one of our partners via API.
  • Barcodes support. When using our school inventory management software, use a barcode scanner and barcode stickers for your item. This will greatly simplify both lending and returns. You will find the information on how to set this up here: How to use the barcode scanner to lend books.
  • Customizable email notifications. Teachers and students are both quite busy these days, and it’s easy to lose track of books or other items borrowed. LendItems will send out automatic email reminders to remind people to return them. These messages can be customized in terms of frequency and timing.
  • Affordable pricing. Our management software for the library is cost-effective. You are welcome to try out our system for FREE. The prices are determined by the number of items and loans. This is fair because you are always charged for your usage.

I hope this information has piqued your interest in checking out our system. Please register as a new user by clicking the link below and creating your first categories.

How to start

LendItems is fairly easy to use but it is worth watching a short introductory video, especially if you want to use barcodes. Please find it below.

A short video tutorial on how to add books to the school library

I hope that this information will be sufficient for you to start using our software and lend your first items. Please contact our support team or use the comment below, if you have any questions.

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LendItems allows you ( or your company ) to create an online catalogue of all your items.
Keep track of all your lendings, bookings and reservation of items. Fully supports barcodes.


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