Car, bike and boat rental software

In today’s article, I will show you how you can use LendItems as a car, bike or boat rental software.

LendItems is a very flexible solution, allowing you to track anything you like. The majority of our customers use it to manage libraries and track books, laptops and office equipment, but it is a perfect solution to track larger items like: cars, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, boats, etc.

Below you will find a short video showing how to use LendItems as a rental software, but let me quickly list all the important reasons why you should consider using it.

Benefits of using LendItems as a rental software

  • LendItems is very flexible, it allows you to divide your items into categories. For instance, if your business rents cars and motorcycles, you can create two categories and track them independently.
  • You can define precise rental time in days or hours for each category. You can also override the setting for a particular item and lend it to a very precise time (up to one minute).
  • If you wish, our software can send automatic email notifications and Google calendar reminders to all your users. LendItems can also notify users when the items are overdue.
  • We can prepare a white label version of LendItems and accommodate your business’s information and logo. This will give your organization a more professional and consistent look.
  • Easy lending and returning with a barcode scanner. LendItems supports bar codes. Print out barcode stickers for your items and give your users cards with a barcode. Both lending and returning items will be very fast and simple.
  • Fair pricing. Our car, bike and boat rental software are very affordable. You can test our inventory management system for free. The price of a monthly subscription depends on the size of your collection and the number of loans. This is fair as you always pay for your actual usage.

Please do not hesitate, to click the button below, register and start using our software for FREE. Below you will find a short video tutorial that you can follow to lend your first items.

Rental software video tutorial

Please watch a short YouTube video where I show how to use LendItems as a car rental software. Barcodes and barcode scanners are optional but make the process super-easy.

LendItems, rental software video tutorial

I hope you have found this helpful and are interested in using LendItems. Our software has got more advanced features, so please feel free to write a question below if you need more information.

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LendItems allows you ( or your company ) to create an online catalogue of all your items.
Keep track of all your lendings, bookings and reservation of items. Fully supports barcodes.


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