Manage your inventory easily

LendItems allows you (or your company) to create an online catalogue of all your items. Keep track of all your lending, bookings and reservation of items. Fully supports barcodes.

barcode scanner inventory software

Easy inventory management

User-friendly, flexible inventory software

Extremely responsive, modern and mobile-friendly LendItems allow you to establish an online catalogue of all your items and then keep track of who you have lent them to. You can use it to lend and keep track of:

Books, disks, films and videos, games

Laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, and other electronics and office equipment

Bikes, cars, tools, guns, music instruments, school inventories, lab equipment, furniture, sports equipment

Anything you like (you can create your own categories)

White-label your Library

The White-Label subscription allows you to take LendItems and “make it your own” by using your logo, branding colors and overall visual identity. This allows a seamless experience for your users who already know your brand. White-Label offers many other features such as;

  • Custom Emails
  • Location based items
  • Checkout sheets when lending
  • Terms of Use before reserving an item
  • Announcements
  • Late fees
  • And more…

Start using LendItems

When you log in to your library you will always see a simple to use dashboard with the most common tasks to do right at your fingertips. Let’s start with adding Users to your library. These are people who borrow items. Google Workspace Marketplace organizations are lucky because their users are automatically added when they first log in to LendItems.

Barcode support

LendItems fully supports barcodes for both borrowers and items. Barcodes are easily printed on sticky labels and adhered to the item. Low-cost barcode scanners are readily sourced from such places as Amazon


Our system offers advanced features like queuing and notifying users that the item is available or needs to be returned.


Depending on customers’ needs we offer a variety of plans and a 30-day free trial for all new customers. Our basic plan is free of charge and allows you to manage a small library of 100 items.


Our friendly support team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and get help.

How it works

Easy to get started

Our system is fairly intuitive but you can watch some tutorials that will let you know how to manage your inventory.


Please click here and register your account.

Create your first library

After you log in, you will be able to create your first library. You can use pre-defined, existing categories or create new item types.

Start lending

The last step is to add the library users and start lending. It really is so simple

Why Choose Us


We have been creating software for the last 20 years and have got tons of experience when it comes to designing Java web applications.


LendItems has evolved through time to solve the IT issues that businesses like yours face. We help businesses all across the world with advice, insight, and solutions.


We made sure that all your libraries and data is secured. We also regularly backup all the lending libraries.

LendItems allows you ( or your company ) to create an online catalogue of all your items.
Keep track of all your lendings, bookings and reservation of items. Fully supports barcodes.


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